Services Of The Firm That Protects Your Intellectual Property Rights

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Article written by Transactions IP LLC 

Intellectual property (IP) rights are given a special privilege on the global platform. The reason why there are special laws for safeguarding the intellectual property is that this property is intangible in nature hence, it cannot be stored. Anyone can easily claim over this property and it will be hard for the owner to show their ownership. This is the reason why the innovators or IP owners tend to file the patents. There are various aspects which are concerned with the filing of patents, sale and acquisition of the patents. This necessitates the need of the services of the professional who is capable of handling all the patent related work. This is the reason why the patent applicants and the buyers and sellers of the patents look to the services of the intellectual property consulting companies.

Patent broker services

Patent sale is the emerging trend.  These days, the business organizations as well as the individuals are greatly involved in the patent buying and selling services. The innovator or the patent holder sells off the patent rights to the buyer and gets a huge sum in return while the buyers make effective use of the ideas for conducting further researches or to find its applications which can help them to become profitable.

But, the purchase and sale of the patents is not so easy. There are lots of legal processes which are involved in this process. This is the reason why patent broker services are in great demand by the business organizations. These brokers take care of all types of documentation needs for the purchase and sale of the IPs. They also help in making the dormant IP assets to get monetized very easily.

Services of the IP consulting firms

IP consulting firm takes care of different types of issues related to IP function management and IP portfolio.  This type of firm works in coordination with the IP team consultants, legal professionals and product expert to provide all types of IP related services to the customers.

IP consulting firms also offer the services like:

  • Patent Valuation: Intellectual property evaluation is very important as it is also a part of your asset valuation. IP consulting firm goes through your patent documents to determine the estimated value of your patent.
  • Assessing and Prioritizing IP Assets: The business organizations that are looking for buying more patents, access the services of the IP consulting firms in order to help them in buying the  most suitable patent  after conducting its assessment and prioritizing it.
  • IP strategy: There is a need to have the right IP strategy for estimating the value of your IP portfolio. IP consulting firms help in tracking the IP assets of your business and the other companies so that no one can claim over your patents.