Lease Extension – Essential Things You Need To Know About

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If you take any property in London from a freehold property owner then you must know about the lease extension.  Lease extension is considered relevant to especially those only who take the property from any freeholder.  If your lease extension is about to collapse or there are only a few years left then it is important for you to extend your lease. Lease extension in London can not only increase your possession over the property, but it can also increase the market value of the property.

What are the advantages of less extension?

When negotiating with the lease always ask for a lease extension of above 90 years so that you can get the best value of property.  Longer lease will be beneficial for you when you need to take mortgage. It is always difficult to get a mortgage when the lease of the house is less as Mortgage Company always thinks that the value of the property will always decline, so they wouldn’t consider it as a very good security.  Not only mortgage but you also find difficulty to sell the property whose lease is about to expire.

One of the best advantages of having a lease of at least 90 years is that you can also get rid of the ground rent.  It is also important for you to learn that when the lease time decreases then the renewal amount of the lease gets very high. That’s why, having a lease extension can cause a huge worth. But you can avoid this situation if you act quickly and get an extension when there are only 80 years left in lease.

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Benefits Of Taking Small Business Loans

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Small business loans are taken by many people these days as most of the businessmen want extra financial help to expand their business. It is a fact that business requires money to provide you with more money. But many small businessmen don’t have this extra money that they can invest to grow their business. This is the reason why most of the small businessmen prefer to take the services of these finance companies. These finance companies provide you with credit and funding solutions using which you can expand your business.

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Benefits of these loans

There are many benefits of taking these loans and this is why most of the small businessmen are attracted towards it.

  • Flexibility: These companies provide you with flexibility on the loans that you may want. The requirement of each businessman is unique and different from the other. Some of the businessmen prefer to take the loaned amount in cash, whereas some of them prefer to get the amount transferred directly into their bank account. So, these companies offer flexibility option to their customers.
  • Easy to avail: These small loans are easy to avail as you do not have to visit the bank multiple times to get the things done. With these companies, you only need to apply for the loan online on their website. Once you have applied for the loan, the company will send their representative to meet you and finalize the loan application. Once the representative sanctions your loan, the complete amount will be handed over to you in any way you wish to take it.

All You Want To Know About IRS Tax Audit Representation

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It is pretty hard for you or for your business to get audited by the “IRS”. To help you in the case, you can appoint a known entity to represent your tax audit case. There are a few important things that you need to consider when planning to hire someone for your audit representation.

What are the options one has to represent them in their tax audit case?

For an IRS tax audit, a person can represent himself/herself or take the help of a chartered accountant, tax preparer, a licensed CPA (Certified Public Accountant), or a tax attorney.

What is the role of a representative?

A representative is a person who is experienced in audit representation. He uses his years of experience, knowledge and skills to reduce your exposure to negative adjustments made by the IRS auditor.

He is well aware of the type of proofs that are acceptable to act as support. He possesses effective bargaining skills to negotiate with the auditor to agree on specific documentation and eliminate tax penalties if the taxpayer signs the audit report.

What qualities do you look for when selecting a representative?

When choosing a representative, below are the qualities that one should give priority to:

  • Reliability
  • Knowledge
  • Licensed and certified
  • Experience


It is an unpleasant experience to get an intimation letter for tax audit by the IRS. Hiring a reputed representative for your business can relieve you from worries and bring favourable audit results.

A Simple Way To Generate Cash Without Much Hassle

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The need of cash can arise at any point of time.  Sometimes, you are unable to make arrangements easily due to a number of reasons. In such case, you can use your future benefits to solve the problems of the present. You can sell your pension to the pension buyer and access cash for your current needs. It can be redundant for many people to make arrangements for the cash as they already have taken loan from the bank or they do not have anything to put as the collateral to make arrangement for cash. If you are a regular employee and work in any public sector or Private Sector Company or you have your own business, you can sell your pension to get cash instantly. To sell my pension, you do not have to make much effort other than finding the right company to buy your pension.

Instant cash for the urgent needs

It makes a perfect sense to sell your pension when you urgently need money. There is no use of making efforts for securing your future when your present is in danger. Use the money kept for future benefits to meet the present needs. The amount of your pension which you want to sell depends upon your needs. Selling your pension does not necessitate you to sell your complete pension. When you sell your pension, you will receive the cash settlement at the same point of time. In this way, you will not have to depend upon someone to meet the urgent need of cash and you will be saved from putting your assets at risk by mortgaging them.

Business Beginner’s Guide To Free Credit Card Processing

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A successful e-commerce venture needs the business owner to have knowledge of credit card processing. When a customer uses credit card to make an online transaction on an e-commerce platform, the website needs to have a sound processing system that would verify the customer’s credit card number, expiry date and other related data with the credit card.

A beginner in online business should choose an ideal free processing service. Through this, one does not need to pay for a secure server, customer service fees, expensive software, transaction fees under a certain amount and a monthly gateway fees.  Free credit card processing helps an online business beginner to save a significant amount every month by just paying a nominal fee per transaction or per month.

A lot of third party credit card companies do not need start up e-commerce business to have their merchant account. These companies are a good resource for those looking for a less expensive means with credit card transactions. A lot of online companies use free credit card processing such as V-Share, CCBill, and ShareIt.

To opt for this service, one needs to visit a credit processing firm to understand the kind of transactions that can be affected using credit card processing. This service does not work well with business that want to work with merchant accounts. They need a fully paid credit card processing system that involves a statement fee, start-up fee, license fee, a minimum fee and discount fee.

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Services Of The Firm That Protects Your Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual property (IP) rights are given a special privilege on the global platform. The reason why there are special laws for safeguarding the intellectual property is that this property is intangible in nature hence, it cannot be stored. Anyone can easily claim over this property and it will be hard for the owner to show their ownership. This is the reason why the innovators or IP owners tend to file the patents. There are various aspects which are concerned with the filing of patents, sale and acquisition of the patents. This necessitates the need of the services of the professional who is capable of handling all the patent related work. This is the reason why the patent applicants and the buyers and sellers of the patents look to the services of the intellectual property consulting companies.

Patent broker services

Patent sale is the emerging trend.  These days, the business organizations as well as the individuals are greatly involved in the patent buying and selling services. The innovator or the patent holder sells off the patent rights to the buyer and gets a huge sum in return while the buyers make effective use of the ideas for conducting further researches or to find its applications which can help them to become profitable.

But, the purchase and sale of the patents is not so easy. There are lots of legal processes which are involved in this process. This is the reason why patent broker services are in great demand by the business organizations. These brokers take care of all types of documentation needs for the purchase and sale of the IPs. They also help in making the dormant IP assets to get monetized very easily.

Services of the IP consulting firms

IP consulting firm takes care of different types of issues related to IP function management and IP portfolio.  This type of firm works in coordination with the IP team consultants, legal professionals and product expert to provide all types of IP related services to the customers.

IP consulting firms also offer the services like:

  • Patent Valuation: Intellectual property evaluation is very important as it is also a part of your asset valuation. IP consulting firm goes through your patent documents to determine the estimated value of your patent.
  • Assessing and Prioritizing IP Assets: The business organizations that are looking for buying more patents, access the services of the IP consulting firms in order to help them in buying the  most suitable patent  after conducting its assessment and prioritizing it.
  • IP strategy: There is a need to have the right IP strategy for estimating the value of your IP portfolio. IP consulting firms help in tracking the IP assets of your business and the other companies so that no one can claim over your patents.

A Cashless and Digital India? Will it get there?

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Now, 9th Nov 2016 is synonymous with demonetization and will go down in history as a bold drive by the government of India. This was also a move from the government to make the masses move towards cashless and online transactions. For people to do this, the internet would be required. Then how many people do have the Internet to join the online bandwagon? Currently, official statistics say that 28% of the population has access to the Internet. In numbers around 367 million Internet subscribers. This does not actually mean that subscriptions equal 367 million Indians as there are many with more than one connection.

With increasing competition, telecom companies are introducing lower tariff data plans. The growth in numbers of internet connections is growing a good and steady pace. Most of the connections belong to cities with villages taking a long time to adopt it. A good number is currently stuck with slower speeds. It will be a few more years before India goes truly digital.